Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics jobs

We know you hear the words ‘Borough Council’ and Data and imagine old, complex and clunky technology and practices.

At Stockport Council we are changing that. We are turning the traditional view on its head. We are investing in an unrivalled technical offering to make it like no other.

Some of the most powerful improvements we’re making are to the ways we store, transform, analyse, share and use the data we hold about the people and places we work for.

To drive these changes through we’re growing our Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics service, with the addition of new management, analyst, developer and support roles.

We’re offering permanent and fixed term jobs with flexible working options, good salaries, paid holiday and generous pension – in an organisation that’s investing in the latest BI and Data technology and the training to use it, and that has the scale and ambition to create career opportunities for talented people.

You’ll be offering great, relevant skills and experience, creativity, confidence and a knack for transforming data and unlocking the valuable insight that’s in data.

If this sounds exciting then we’d love to hear from you!