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Relating to digital skills support classes delivered by DigiKnow partners across Stockport. We are grateful to everyone who has agreed to share their stories with us. If you would like to republish any case study, please get in touch with us, so we can check if further consent is needed.

I heard about the Starting Point sessions through my work coach and came down to York Street having never used a laptop in my life. I’ve been coming to York Street for around 3-4 months now and can independently turn on a computer and open ‘Learn my Way’, the online learning platform that Starting Point introduced me to. I have completed several courses from  home.

Without a starting point, I wouldn’t know where I would be. The various computer classes I am coming to have transformed my life and given me a new focus. All just within a few months of hearing about the classes. My confidence has built up and I turn up to the classes with a smile on my face.

David Sherwin

Starting Point / Stockport Homes class, Edgeley

I learn different things each week we do different topics each week, and it is very beneficial learning different things each week and you learn a lot from it. I get a lot out of the iPad class. I love coming every week, seeing the same people each week and learning different things every week. We have a brilliant teacher called Louise from Stockport Homes that helps everyone in the iPad class, and we have learned so much from her.

I have been going for years to the iPad class, and it’s the best thing I did. I didn’t know anything about the internet or how to search for things on the web or anything else. I have learned everything from the iPad class. How to shop online, to be aware of scams online, and I’ve learned how to send emails and photos.

I would tell people about the Tuesday sessions and how you can learn things from the sessions each week. For people you are not on the internet and beginners this would be ideal. And for people who need refreshing.


Community Online Group, Offerton

This class has been fantastic for me. I come for the natter as well as help with my computer. Dave has been a real help, I’d like to get better at using my laptop, but the chat is a great reason to get out the house.


Starting Point class, central Stockport

“I had to ask people to help me. They didn’t always have time, and I felt like a burden.   I wanted to do things for myself, but I just couldn’t. When I had to top up my electric at the shop, I was scared I was going to fall, and if my pain was bad, I just couldn’t get there, so I would be cold and have no TV.”

John is partially sighted. He was unable to access the internet on his smartphone because it was too small, and had a large tablet and projector to use the internet. Unfortunately, these items were stolen, and when John moved home, he found himself unable to set up benefits or his utilities.

With help from Your Support, he reordered the tablet he used to have, set it up with large fonts and apps on the home screen so he could regain his independence. He now shops online and uses the British Gas app to top up his meters. Read more


Stockport Support Hub client

“When you understand something, it’s less frightening. I feel like I can get on top of this password thing.”

Josephine is an older learner who, in the past, has been extremely nervous about being secure online and would often just switch it off and not use her devices. She would become very nervous in sessions about digital security and often disengage, or her conversation would run along the same lines describing her fears each time.

Over time we have seen her confidence gradually grow. The tips and tricks we taught her in the past helped her become more confident online and creating new email accounts. In our session on secure passwords, she was able to reset a password. This is a huge step forward for her to be taking control and not feeling swamped by fears.


Starting Point class

I enjoy coming to the iPad class. I am learning a little bit every week . It’s very enjoyable. What I get out of attending is a bit more knowledge every week and also knowing that there’s always someone there to help me with any questions I may have.

Attending has helped me in many ways. I can send and receive emails, find things out on Google, buy goods online or book a railway ticket. I would recommend anyone who feels the need to learn about digital skills to come along because, in this day and age, nearly everything is online. And the lady who teaches us is very helpful and patient and understanding of all our individual needs.


Community Online Group, Offerton

My mum is much more confident using her tablet and her apps, she’s come on leaps and bounds! I’m grateful that she is able to take on some tasks by herself since attending Starting Point classes. Previously it was causing some tension between us when I either did tasks for her or showed her how to do tasks. The classes have made it easier for both of us.

Learner's son

Starting Point class

Learning about how to use a computer is vital to my universal credit agreement of looking for work.  It’s very helpful. I wouldn’t cope otherwise. I’m slowly taking it all in.

We have a very helpful and patient teacher, always willing to help, who puts you under no pressure. You learn at your own pace. I’d definitely recommend attending to beginners.


Community Online Group, Offerton

Amanda is a new learner who was referred by a job coach to our skills sessions. She was very anxious at first, very determined to try to apply for jobs online, but feeling hopeless about her capacity to learn.

Three sessions in, Amanda has told us, “This session keeps getting better and better, I’m totally delighted”. She really appreciated having a cup of tea while she learns, she was overjoyed to discover Learn My Way and the way it breaks down topics into smaller chunks, “Is this free? I can’t believe it. I can do this at home. I was going to pay for something like this”.


Starting Point class

The reason I started attending the sessions was because I felt I was getting left behind and I wanted to learn about iPads and mobile phones.  I’m satisfied I am getting confident in what I do which I could not do before.Coming to the iPad class is good. Everybody in the class helps which gives you confidence.

I would tell people to come. Do not be shy –  everybody is in the same situation. It’s good you learn a bit every week.


Community Online Group, Offerton

“I came to the class to get skills to help me to find jobs online. My cousin had typed up my CV for me, and I had paper copies, but you can’t hand in a paper CV anywhere now. It’s all online forms. “

This learner also struggled with some online forms as she has some language barriers with written English. She was feeling very frustrated not being able to express her skills online when applying for roles.

With our support, she has used Learn My Way to type up her own CV and has applied for jobs online. She has told us that coming to our sessions has helped to build her confidence and recently completed a Barista course. She is now interested in volunteering with us, and has offered to use her language skills to support other learners who may need some interpretation support.


Starting Point class

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