We are living through a period of unprecedented change. The Digital by Design programme is responding to increases in demand, changing customer expectations, and new technical opportunities.

The aim is that by creating a technical platform and developing new ways of working we will deliver solutions designed to not only cope with the ‘now’ but that have the capability to adapt and meet the future needs of the authority.

Stockport’s Digital by Design programme isn’t just about technology, it’s all about investing in people, promoting good design, and enabling services. Using open standards and open source, where possible, to create meaningful customer journeys built on sustainable and reusable technologies.

We’re proud to have been described as an “Exemplar” of digital transformation in local government, but we’re only at the start of our journey.

Digital by Design is a fantastic opportunity, not only to introduce new Agile ways of working within IT, but also to adapt the methodology to enable the way we are delivering change across the organisation. Although in the early stages we have found this fast paced, open and collaborative approach, originating from software development, to be the perfect response to the need for local government to continuously change, adapt, and evolve.

We are now working to transform our digital resource in-house by fostering innovative thinking, working and collaborating in new ways. We are continuing to recruit and are currently developing a graduate programme. If you are interested in being part of Digital Stockport visit the Stockport Jobs website to view our vacancies.

We also recognise that collaboration and sharing is key to the sustainability of this approach. We are keen to co-operate with interested companies, other local authorities and related organisations who want to work with us, learn with us and transform public services together. Contact us at digital@stockport.gov.uk

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