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The Digital by Design programme is building new digital tools to support new ways of providing Council services and new working practices. It has focussed on building the digital pillars of the future operating model for Stockport Council: Digital customer self-service online, Digitally connected communities and a Digitally enabled workforce.
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Digital customer self-service online

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It’s a good website and you know that instead of going from pillar to post you can get things done in a few minutes. I would use this website because you can click a few buttons to get your answer quickly and not waste anyone’s time by ringing.

Digitally connected communities


Stockport Hackathon is a winner

Stockport Hackathon was one of a series of events aimed at encouraging the use of digital technology which we organised to celebrate the launch of our new website and online services.

DigiFeb – Free digital events in Stockport

To celebrate the launch of our new new website and online services and to encourage residents who aren’t using digital yet, we have organised ‘DigiFeb’ – a series of events and roadshows offering fun digital activities and learning opportunities across the Borough.

Announcing the Stockport Hackathon

We are really excited to be hosting our very own Hackathon on Saturday 4th March 2017 and are looking for enthusiastic and creative professional, amateur and student participants to join us in our quest to help people in Stockport connect with their wider community.

Stockport DigiFeb 2017

DigiFeb was a series of digital events and roadshows organised to celebrate the launch of the Council’s new website and online services by highlighting the benefits of being online and helping residents further develop their online skills.

The Digital Inclusion Alliance is bringing together  the council, local businesses, public sector, community and voluntary sector organisations, schools and colleges to pool collective resources and make a real difference to improving people’s digital skills and providing access to information and communication technology. Read more


Digitally enabled workforce

Mobile working tools

Six things I’ve learnt on my journey from transformation to digital…. and back again

I’ve been involved in digital transformation for a while now, but I’m by no means an old hand, a guru or a unicorn. I am however someone who’s gone from being a jobbing data analyst and researcher to someone ‘doing’ traditional public sector transformation.

MVP: Some common misconceptions and confusions

In Part 1 of today’s blog I looked at using Lean start-up to create an MVP. In this second part I look at some of the common misconceptions and confusions surrounding the MVP.

How to be Agile?

Collaboration and communication are at the heart of Agile ways of working, so it’s somewhat ironic that agile terminology like ‘kanban’ and ‘standups’ can inadvertedly put up barriers.  In this blog I aim to bust some agile jargon and show some simple...

Creating a culture of agility at Stockport Council

I have been so impressed by and proud of the energy and enthusiasm with which the new Digital service and latterly the core IT service at Stockport Council have adopted agile as a way of working over the past two years. Over the past few months I have been reflecting...

Introducing Kanban and a studious attitude to how work gets done

If you have walked through the 1st Floor of Stopford House in the past 12 months you will have seen the increased population of colourful boards on display and the frequent congregation of people studiously discussing things in front of them. You may have wondered what this is all about.

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Stockport Council is committed to providing apprenticeship opportunities and has put 144 new apprentices into position during 2017/18. During National Apprenticeship Week we are giving one of the apprentices in our digital team a chance to describe their experience....

Improving through play…

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” In my previous #DigitalStockport blog I described our adoption of the Kanban method and what this means in terms of our approach to visualizing work, our focus on finishing what we start and...

Facilitating change

This week’s blog on speeding up the pace of change and building resilience to change through a methodology incorporating agile has been written by Becky Thorn of ThoughtWorks: Facilitating Change How do you facilitate change? How do you facilitate in a way that...

Bridging the digital skills gap

Our experience of recruiting digital staff at Stockport Council has clearly shown that the Digital Skills gap both in the workplace and wider community is growing. Talking to peers confirms that we are not alone in facing this problem.

How we are using our new mobile working processes in Stockport Family

We have recently completed Phase 1 of the mobile working roll out for Stockport Family, where 130 Social Workers and School Age Plus Workers were provided with touch screen tablets with on board 4G SIM for using on the go as well as in the office. Two...
This week I’ve been more responsive to families in terms of giving advice and referral forms done –it’s great I can do things immediately in people’s homes now. Out on duty doing 3 visits one after another, I was able to look up information and be clear in between visits. Also I could record in between visits so I didn’t get confused later when trying to record everything. It’s really efficient and helpful. The direct work session with children on the tablet was fun and easy to interact with them. I was able to save on file easily and email to their carer to print off for them.