Following our update last September regarding the successful delivery of the Children’s Data Warehouse project, the Business Intelligence (BI) team have been building on this work and are pleased to report the delivery of a new release of BI into the Council.

The team started by reviewing the successes and improvement opportunities from the initial warehouse project and have reviewed the software tools, development techniques and general BI strategy to meet the current and future needs of the Council and its partners.

Procurement spend dashboard

The next major improvement opportunity identified was that of our external spend with suppliers.  We wanted to provide our Finance team and departmental managers with a far greater visualisation of how much was being spent, and also collate spend across the Council to enable improved negotiations with suppliers and provide better value for money to the residents of Stockport.

The Business Intelligence, Finance and IT teams have been working closely over the last few months to design and extensively test our new solution which is going to be much easier for our managers to use and will enable better informed decision making.

What’s next?

This work paves the way for many new reporting and analysis initiatives, starting with Manager Dashboards, which will provide our managers with much easier access to information on their key finance and staff measures.

Immediately following this will be the development of new reports and dashboards arising from the implementation of our new Adults and Children’s Social care system.

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