Stockport Council’s Data Strategy 2021-2025 covers the entire organisation, providing direction on how everyone has a part to play in making data a strategic asset.  It is aimed at strategic decision makers who use insight to inform policy, consumers of analytics who use data to inform plans and operations, and system users entering and maintaining data at source.  For our partners, this document will be helpful in explaining how we can align data and work together to achieve shared goals.


Our vision statement:

We will put data at the heart of everything we do, promoting data as the second most important asset we have behind our people. We will use joined-up data to innovate, supporting our digital transformation, generating insights that result in better decision making and improving value for money public services.  We will switch from reactive to proactive service delivery, generating as much value as possible from our data and helping to create a more personalised experience for citizens who have trust in how we use their data.

The challenge ahead of us is significant, but we are ambitious and will set goals to help shape our approach in the years ahead.

Goals include:

  • we are a data-led organisation to meet the needs of our residents, using data to transform and helping to create new and improved services, making the best use of our limited resources
  • we use our data more effectively, with associated changes in behaviour, culture and skills in order to rise to future challenges
  • we build data-driven, inter-connected digital systems that integrate across services, directorates and with partners too. Data is a key component of our emerging Digital Strategy
  • we further develop rapid exploitation of data by increasingly sophisticated tools, to generate insight, power automated processes, analyse our performance and adjust plans accordingly
  • we have people with the confidence to use data, analytics and technology appropriately
  • we create machine-ready data that can be utilised for advanced automation and analytical techniques, as the volume and variety of our data increases
  • we maximise the benefits of emerging technologies to make the most of our assets


Aligned to our Digital Strategy we have developed 5 outcomes to help guide our work over the next few years:

Outcome 1 Data is treated as a strategic asset and governed appropriately. 

Outcome 2 We manage our data effectively, building a solid data foundation with common standards that supports quicker and more effective insight generation.

Outcome 3 We work with partners to develop a locality-wide approach to data sharing, integration and insight generation.

Outcome 4 We have a data-led workforce able to make the most of data and digital opportunities.

Outcome 5 Data operations are streamlined to make the most of our capabilities, integrated into wider governance and decision-making processes, with transparent methods for prioritisation and evidencing impact.

More information on the above, including success criteria and initial measures, can be found in the data strategy, available below.

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