Over the summer we have added several new features to My Account.


This feature allows users to:

  • Download your benefits information and find out when your next payment is
  • View housing benefits including pending applications, defective applications and current benefits claims
  • View payment history
  • View Council Tax support

Change/cancel appointments

The feature allows customers to change or cancel appointment the following services:

  • Registrars appointments
  • Advice appointments
  • Taxi surgery
  • Taxi tests
  • Pest control appointment
  • Waste container deliveries

What do our residents think of My Account?

We constantly test what users think of the services offered within My Account, what they would like to see in the future and how it could help the way they do things currently.

Feedback from a recent User Experience (UX) testing session is encouraging:

It’s really clear and easy to use and work out where things are.

It’s peace of mind that it’s all online and in one place – I wouldn’t worry about losing letters!

I prefer to do things online than over the phone.

My housing benefits go straight to Stockport Homes and I get sent an invoice. So I’d like that I could see my benefits payments in My Account – when it’s being paid and to who.

I like that it’s a clear picture of what’s gone in and what has been paid out and when.

Would you use My Account?

Yes – for things like benefits and Council Tax – it’s all in one place!

In the future when I get a job I would use it to set up a direct debit to pay Council Tax. I wouldn’t use it every day – just every now and then to check statuses of payments.

Sign-ups continue to climb

Since we launched My Account, we’ve seen an average of 2,000 people a month signing up. At the end of August a total of 13,992 accounts had been opened.

If you are a Stockport resident and you haven’t yet opened an account, why not sign up here and try it out. We would be delighted to receive your feedback below.

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