It was fantastic to be at the 2019 MJ Achievement Awards event last month and receive the Digital Transformation award.

Digital transformation is not just about the technology, it’s about improving the efficiency and quality of services at a time of higher public expectations and stagnant budgets. We were able to demonstrate to the panel of judges how, by working closely with Stockport Family and teams within Corporate Support Services, we have helped make significant improvements in the delivery of quality services as a consequence of innovation and digital transformation.

As you’ll see from our submission  and our Chief Executive’s blog, the creation of our Digital Inclusion Alliance is central to the work that we are doing in putting people at the heart of our transformation.  I think it was key that they heard not only about the savings and digital changes we are making, but also the positive impact we can have by working together with partners and our network of community ambassadors, with the support of our Members, and strong effective leadership.

Pictured left to right: Steph McGovern (BBC Breakfast News), Holly Rae, Pam Smith, Lee Emery, Ryan McMurdo (Starting Point Community Learning Partnership, Julie McEver (Local Partnerships).

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