‘My Account’ is our new single sign-on customer dashboard that has been created by our Digital Transactional Services team. It works hand in hand with our new website, creating personalised access to a range of Council services.

Since we launched My Account, we’ve seen a steady climb in the number of people signing up and on the 27th June we were delighted to hit the 10,000th sign-up milestone!

New video to encourage sign-ups

To celebrate our 10,000th sign-up we have created a short animated video to bring the benefits of My Account to life and we will be sharing this with staff through internal channels as well as residents via social media, a News Release and a link on the My Account landing page.

View ‘What is My Account’ video 

Video link
We are also creating a series of ‘explainer’ videos to help users to open an account, link their Council Tax details, change passwords and other frequently requested tasks and we will add links to these to the My Account landing page once they are complete.

Over the coming months we will be adding more new services and we are planning wider Comms in the autumn to continue to build awareness that ‘We’re online and ready when you are’ and encourage further sign-ups to My Account.

Continuous release of new features

We launched in February with a limited number of options available for My Account holders, but since then we have been through ten development ‘iterations’, each one adding further services and functionality until now our users can:

  • check the bins and recycling schedule for their address
  • view and download their Council Tax bills and view their payment schedules
  • view and download their benefits information and view when their next payment is due
  • check up on faulty street lights or blocked grids they’ve reported online
  • view an appointment to register a birth or a death
  • view appointments for replacement bin deliveries, pest control, taxi driver help and advice appointments

What’s next for My Account?

We are currently testing the ability to edit and change bookings within My Account. This will be rolled out to the different service areas over the next month starting with registrars.

We will also be completing the ‘Benefits’ functionality, allowing users to see the details of claims that have been suspended, cancelled or are pending or unsuccessful, as well as adding the ability to view and download the user’s payment history.

User Experience Testing

Every two weeks we go out into the community and test the User Experience. As a result of feedback from users we’ve just redesigned the home page and we will continue to test all our new customer journeys with residents.

If you are a Stockport resident and would like to try it out, sign up here and we would be delighted to receive your feedback below.

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