Digital Enabling Independence

We will support residents to remain independent by providing better access to information, real time health monitoring and virtual tech to improve access to health and social care professionals, increase human connections and reduce social isolation.

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Why are we doing this?

Key outcomes include:


  • Residents supported to manage their health through real time monitoring
  • Virtual tech improving access to health & social care professionals
  • Using tech to improve human connections, reducing social isolation
  • Information to support independence

How might we do this?

  • Develop supplier relationships to increase range of smart home solutions
  • Promote range of digital products that support health and wellbeing
  • Research/ test tools, with communities, that improve quality of life and wellbeing
  • Develop digital strategy for care homes

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What impact have we already made?

Stockport Support Services Part 2: Delivery

Following our last blog looking at the Discovery and consultation processes for our early intervention procedures and preventative services, the final stage of this project is the creation and delivery of the Stockport Support Services. The new Hub brings together a...

Stockport Support Services Part 1: Discovery

In 2014, Stockport Council Adult Social Care (ASC) service commissioned a range of prevention and early help services to support residents to live safe, healthy, happy, and independent lives at home in the community, improve their emotional and economic well-being and...

Fast Track Success

In our last blog we talked about the joint discovery that Adult Social Care and Digital by Design colleagues had undertaken for a Technology Enabled Care (TEC) project.  The project was funded through NHS Digital’s Social Care Digital Innovation Fund and supported...

A new Discovery for Adult Social Care

In July this year Digital by Design joined forces with colleagues in Adult Social Care to undertake a Discovery for a Technology Enabled Care project. It is the first time that staff in Adult Social Care had been involved in a Discovery process and it proved to be...

Using tech for healthy ageing

Earlier this year we were proud to be part of DataMill North’s ‘Innovation Lab’ project which took place across the North West.  Our brief was to develop tech solutions to help older people live independently for longer and our invited partners rallied to our call...

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