Digital Economy

We want to attract more digital and tech businesses to Stockport, grow our economy and generate well-paid, productive employment. We will be encouraging more digital start-ups and providing the space for digital businesses to collaborate and drive innovation.

Why are we doing this?

Key outcomes include:


  • More digital/ tech businesses, generating digital, well paid, productive employment
  • More digital start-ups, growing economy
  • Further variety and space for digital business to collaborate and drive innovation 

    How might we do this?

    • Develop “digital hub” for Stockport
    • Support Stockport’s Business and Innovation centres to have resources to host digital businesses
    • Leverage strategic partnerships across Greater Manchester
    • Further enable private investment in co-working, innovation space


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      What impact have we already made?

      Stockport’s newest business network

      With the launch of Stockport's newest business network, December had a real buzz about it - and it wasn't simply due to seasonal festivities. Around 30 people turned up for the first Stockport Digital Network meeting. Held at Stockport's Business and Innovation...

      Digital in Stockport

      The first meeting of the new Stockport Digital Network will take place on Friday, 9 December, at Stockport Business Innovation Centre in Broadstone Mill. This is an opportunity for digital businesses to come together to share experiences and hear from speakers about...

      Embracing Digital Skills – the importance of building digital confidence in the workplace and beyond

      Creating a Digital Place is one of the three pillars of Stockport’s Radical Digital Strategy. To succeed in this, we need to grow our employment opportunities and ensure our local workforce has the digital skills businesses need to thrive in a digital age. In this...

      Supporting Innovation in Stockport

      Stockport’s Radical Digital Strategy aims to help us make the most of the digital-age possibilities for the people of Stockport and our local economy. Digital Place means having the infrastructure, skills and networks for digital start-ups, scale-ups and established...

      What does it mean to be a digital leader?

      It is Digital Leaders Week and an opportunity to learn and share the digital innovation that is happening across the public sector and beyond. We are excited by our digital journey in Stockport and were proud to be named a...

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