Digital Place¬†means having the infrastructure, skills and networks for digital start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses to thrive and grow our local economy. It’s about providing modern digital infrastructure throughout the borough and using automation and ‘smart’ technology to improve people’s lives and support our climate action ambitions.


We want to attract more digital and tech businesses to Stockport, grow our economy and generate well-paid, productive employment. We will be encouraging more digital start-ups and providing the space for digital businesses to collaborate and drive innovation.


We need more young people who have digital skills and are interested in a career in the digital sector. We want to build a local talent pool, a skilled workforce ready for digital roles, with improved career and pay prospects, prepared to take advantage of new employment opportunities and achieve future success.


Smart Places

We will continue to embed modern digital infrastructure throughout the borough. We will create digital systems to enable automation and introduce data sensing processes to help meet climate action and other targets.

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