Digital Council¬†addresses the council’s use of digital working practices and data to better understand Stockport and citizen needs and improve processes and user experience. It includes a commitment to sharing more data, increasing transparency, and supporting collaboration and innovation. It aims to increase IT security and reduce system maintenance and downtime.


We are introducing agile practice across our organisation, enabling us to improve our offer to residents and other service users with digital tools based on user experience. We want our workforce to be digitally confident and make the most of hybrid working. We are adding automation to enable more efficient use of resources.


We will use data appropriately to understand Stockport and citizen needs better, solve problems, innovate, and create new services and capabilities. We will make more data readily available to increase transparency, support partnership collaboration and innovation.


We need to address information and IT security risks and reduce system maintenance and downtime. We will increase the interconnectivity of systems to improve services and collaboration and support the Smart City infrastructure rollout across GM.

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