We will use data appropriately to understand Stockport and citizen needs better, solve problems, innovate, and create new services and capabilities. We will make more data readily available to increase transparency, support partnership collaboration and innovation.

Why are we doing this?

Key outcomes include:

  • More insight, readily available to better understand Stockport and citizen needs
  • Innovate, using data appropriately to solve problems, creating new services and capabilities, meeting ethical standards
  • Publish data to increase transparency, supporting partnership collaboration and innovation
  • Empower people to use data to improve planning and decision making 

    How might we do this?

    • Data needs assessments to assess maturity
    • Single views of data (e.g. citizen, debt, property), with appropriate governance
    • Further open data portal development
    • Centre of excellence (systems, insight, information governance)
    • Upskilling and training opportunities, including awareness of data responsibilities
    • “Need to know” to “Need to share” 

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      What impact have we already made?

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      Welcome to the latest blog for our Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government/ Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (MHCLG/DLUHC) sponsored Family Context project. It’s been a while since we last published a blog, as we had to re-prioritise...

      Stockport’s Open Data Platform – The Big Stockport Picture

      Stockport has launched a new open data platform called the “The Big Stockport Picture”. It is a borough wide platform for people from across the Stockport Partnership (Health, Council, Stockport Homes etc.) to share and publish information, providing more transparency...

      Family Context – the next chapter begins

      In the alpha phase of our Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) funded Family Context project, we developed a prototype of our digital solution for how best to provide social workers with the key information they need when they first interact...

      Family context project: the end of alpha, but the beginning of an exciting journey

      Welcome to the latest blog for our Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) funded family context project, the end of this alpha chapter but certainly not the end of the project.  When we began, earlier this year, we hoped to tackle the problem of...

      Family context project: The “Design Sprint” & beyond!

      In December 2018 Stockport Council and 3 partners received an award from the Local Digital Fund to explore a way for frontline children’s services workers to access the information they need on a child’s family context. Since our last blog, the project team have been...

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