When we established our Digital by Design Programme three years ago we were clear from the outset that we would take a different approach to digital transformation. We wanted to grow our own in-house capability, create some of our own software and train our own workforce to ensure our organisation would be future-proofed against changes in technology, and in customer expectation and demand.

We learned agile techniques and lean thinking which enabled us to create IT processes that are both fast moving and place user need at the heart of everything we do. We were guided in this by the Government Digital Service (GDS) – as champions of the user experience and agile development approach – and also by external suppliers who worked alongside Stockport Council staff to facilitate knowledge transfer.

For an insight into the way we work, take a look at this video produced by technology consultancy Thoughtworks:

This approach has in turn spread beyond our digital programme, spearheading a cultural change that is helping us to transform the delivery of services across the council.

We are still learning and we are also keen to help others learn. We are often asked to share our experience with others undergoing similar digital transformations and we consider it our responsibility to contribute to the open learning culture that is one of the key principles of the Local Digital Declaration.

So we are now scheduling a number of ‘Open Days’, when we are inviting other local authorities and public bodies to see what we have done and how we are doing it. These will focus not only on the tech we are creating but also on the cultural change that underpins our transformation programme.

Dates for the first Open Days have now been confirmed:

  • Tuesday 2nd October 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 13th November 2-4pm
  • Thursday 24th January 2-4pm

Please get in touch if you would be interested in attending.

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