Stockport’s warm spaces provide welcoming and friendly environments for anyone to drop in and warm up this winter. They will be open until March 2023, and many offer free Wi-Fi and free hot food and drink without any pressure to buy something. Some also offer free activities. Visit the council website to see the interactive map of all warm spaces.

In this blog, Clara Jones, Head of Digital Inclusion at Starting Point Community Learning Partnership, talks about warm spaces where digital support is also available.

This winter we are offering warm spaces alongside six of Starting Point’s digital support sessions.

People are welcome to come along and use the warm space without digital help if they like, and we don’t need any advance notice for this. They can just pop along and say hello to us.

If they would like to come along and get digital support as well, as part of the class, then we ask them to let us know in advance: email or ring or text the DigiKnow Helpline number 07724 217888.

That’s really so we can make sure we look out for them, that we know what help they need, and that someone will be around to support them. If a particular class is full on the day they want to come, we can talk to them about other options.

We can sign them up to the National Databank, tell them more about the DigiKnow device lending library, and the warm space can be used as a pickup point for devices from the lending library as well. They are always welcome to use the warm space even if the class is full. Many of our current learners also use the warm space, so they will have a friendly welcome from us all.

Cornerstone DigiKnow classes

Cornerstone – Stockport Homes building, Edward Street, SK1 3NQ
Thursdays 11.30 am – 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm

Offering a voucher for a free hot drink from the Windmill Café before or after the tech session and open to everyone.

Come along and let James or me know that you are here for the warm space (as well as any tech support), and we will sort out your voucher for you.  Just pop in! We are on the big table at the back of the ‘L’ shape of the room, to the left as you face the café. If you ask at the Cornerstone reception for ‘digital classes’ or ‘Clara or James from Starting Point’, they will be able to direct you.

If you would like tech support, our second session (1.30 – 2.30) is usually quieter.

The last session before the Christmas break is Thursday, 15 December. The first date back after Christmas is Thursday, 5 January.

(Cornerstone offers warm spaces on other days – see the warm spaces map.) 

York Street Community Centre DigiKnow classes 

Bengal Street – SK3 9HT
Tuesdays 2 pm – 3 pm and 3 pm – 4 pm

Offering soup, biscuits and teas and coffees and open to everyone. We welcome families collecting children from school in Edgeley to pop in and get soup as a ‘takeaway’ if they would find that useful too.

Chloe from Starting Point is on hand to welcome anyone using just the warm space and can chat about digital options. Just pop in!

The last session before the Christmas break is Tuesday, 20 December. The first date back after Christmas is Tuesday, 10 January

Lancashire Hill ‘Tech and Toast’

Lancashire Hill Community Centre- Penny Lane – SK5 7RP
Wednesdays 10 am – 11 am and 11 am – 12 pm

Offering toast, teas and coffees and biscuits, and open to everyone. We welcome families after school drop-off as well. One of our newest classes, so there is plenty of room for anyone needing digital support.

Come along with all your computer or internet questions. We offer support with getting online forms done, as well as applying for jobs online.

James and I are currently running this session – if we get busy, then we have helpful volunteers lined up to help. We would particularly like to hear from anyone interested in volunteering who lives around Lancashire Hill. Just pop in!

If you haven’t been to the community centre before and you are nervous about finding us, I can meet you on Penny Lane or Lancashire Hill and walk you to the door. 

The last session before the Christmas break is Wednesday, 21 December. The first date back after Christmas is Wednesday, 11 January.

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