Digital Inclusion

We need to build residents digital confidence and skills to improve resilience and opportunities. We are working with the cross-sector Digital Inclusion Alliance (DigiKnow). We aim to develop support capacity by increasing membership of this network and training more digital champions to help people. We must ensure our services are accessible to all.

Why are we doing this? 

Key outcomes include:

  • Build residents’ digital confidence/skills to improve resilience and opportunities
  • Increase Digital Inclusion Alliance network membership, building support capacity
  • More Digital Champions to help people
  • Services accessible to all

How might we do this?

  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Training to support community groups
  • Digital inclusion pathway to signpost residents to the relevant support
  • Voluntary/community sector support to develop digital skills/infrastructure
  • More devices to children for education
  • Map free public wi-fi across the borough
  • Encourage businesses to open wi-fi
  • Enable more affordable wi-fi packages

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What impact have we already made?

Digital Champions – Chatting, coffee and (online) cookies

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Starting Point Learning Partnership, as part of the Digital Inclusion Alliance, has launched a new free DigiKnow Friends training session to help raise recognition of digital exclusion in Stockport and signpost where support is available. It’s the first step of a...

DigiKnow catch-up

DigiKnow, our digital inclusion programme, is now five years old! After the last two years of pivot and flex caused by the pandemic, we recently met with the steering partners to look at what we have achieved and workshop our roadmap. Undeniably the biggest challenge...

Thanking volunteers

You may not know but people have been volunteering in Britain since Medieval times. Back in the 12th and 13th centuries, estimates suggest that there were no fewer than 500 voluntary church hospitals established in England. Volunteering continued through the...

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